Business is a game, no doubt

If you were to take a walk in the business district of your town and ask someone all dressed up in a suit and tie, “What’s business?” They’d probably respond with something like, “Business is work.”

But, is that true? Is all business or businesses about “working”? Sure, we have to work for a business whether it’s your own or a large corporation so we can make money, right? After all, once we’re done with going to school and getting good grades it’s all we have been trained to do is to work. But we become miserable and if you haven’t – then congratulations, you have become one of the small minorities that actually feel fulfilled and enjoy working!

Perhaps, just maybe, you found a way to make work feel more like a game where you are the winner…

Let’s take football as an example. Players make touchdowns to score points – the more touchdowns you make the more money you make. But wait, there are rules to follow in football. Just like in life and in business there are rules and regulations which incur penalties when not obeyed. In business, the better we get at our positions, we score promotions, we make money, and if we treat it like a game – hell, we actually have fun at work!

That’s how our blog is different. We look at the players, the rules, the teams, and how they all interact to become winners. In life, it’s the same. Individuals make up larger teams even when they don’t realize it. We examine what it is in these areas that we become winners or squander or time and resources, break rules, get penalized, and sometimes we lose…

Our blog is focused on breaking it down so we make better plays. We make gains in the short term and make huge plays for big yardage. You can’t hit homeruns every time, we hit singles, and doubles, and occassionally those big homers! Have fun with life and business and you will become more successful – no doubt.

Life Is Indeed A Game

The facts…

Whether you like it or not life is a game and every game is won by having the right strategy. Often the best strategy for life is being able to see things for what they are and learning how to avoid the bad things and moving more towards doing the right things, more often. Sure, we could fuss about all the little nuances of everyday life but that would be wasting time. And time is something we’re often very short of since life is…short.

Therefore, learn to manage your time before anything else. That’s right, being a good manager of time beats managing money, your kids, and what you plan on having for dinner.

When you were a child all the way up until you hit puberty you took on tiny jobs such as cleaning your room, washing dishes, and doing your homework. Surely it wasn’t a lot of fun looking back, but the inability to complete these little “missions” have set people back in their adult lives – believe it or not. One short way to compare people is through those who have not had prepatory missions (spoiled brats) and those who have gone through the gamut of learning true responsibility.

Becoming a teen and then a young adult is either easier or tougher depending on how well your parents prepared you for this stage of the game. Only so slightly do you begin to realize that you’re now a player, able to make your own decisions about what you will do and not do. If you have squandered your time, you’ll lack the skills and abilities needed further on in life to actually win at life. You are in your prime! Full of zest and energy, imaginative, and full of ideas…

Want to become an actor? Or how about a fighter pilot? This time of your life is characterized by feeling like you can do anything – become anyone! Oh, but you have to make the right moves, the right choices to align yourself with such aspirations. Or, you could sit back, smoke pot, eat cheetos, and play video games. See how this can unfold? But you’re a smart player… and you’re now an adult wanting to jump into the next phase of the game of life…Business and career…

Playing The Ultimate Game of Life and Business

Every 4 years we’re treated with the delight of watching an ancient tradition of sportsmanship meet at the Olympic Games. Every country is welcome to compete against each other in a variety of sports that span different seasons. Summer & Winter games attract crowds internationally to cheer on and view the dynamic athletes who are at the top of their sport compete and display their agility, physical & mental strength combine into a spectacular display of being the best of the best.

Everyday each of us wake up to make small and large situations, questions, and decisions we must make in order to be the best of who we are at what we do. On a personal level that could be family decisions where the day, week, or month can hang in the balance. In business we play both small and large roles of what our company and ultimately our national or global economy will become. Is this all a game?